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Why campusMVP.Net?

Practice real-world scenarios with the right amount of theory, practical videos, downloadable code, labs, related resources and assessments in a friendly e-learning platform with clear milestones and notifications.  All through our courses, you will be tutored by the same experts and MVPs who created the original course contents and who will answer your doubts during the course.

  • More than just canned videos
  • Theory + Practice + Demos + Downloads + Resources + …
  • Clear path to learning: increasing difficulty, milestones, assessments…
  • Solid one-to-one tutoring support
  • Keeping an eye on your progress: we’ll push you forward if you lag behind
  • Exclusive corporate features for your company: your own look & feel, supervisor accounts…

How do we compare? 10 reasons for training with us.

Features campusMVP Others

Video Content

Video is important in on-line training, but it’s not a silver bullet. Learn how to program by watching some guy talking or by staring at the same slide for ten minutes? Seriously?
With other providers you pay a monthly fee just to access a version of “Youtube” where you watch video after video. Do you want to watch some guy talking or do you want to actually learn?

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Theory, practice, downloadable code

CampusMVP: Much more than canned videos.
We offer the right mix of theory (concepts), practice (real-life examples), suggested labs and exercises, downloadable code, related links, definitions, assessments, etc. All to make sure you learn using the most effective resources for every need.

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Expert trainers and expert tutoring support

On CampusMVP the same well-known, world-class experts
who created the content are ready to help you with any doubt or query that you have regarding the course.

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Milestones and calendar

Our courses offer a clear set of goals and milestones to help you advance at the right pace and achieve your goals in a specific timeframe. You pay exactly for what you need to learn, not
just for accessing hundreds of videos that you’re not interested in.

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Study plan and deadlines

Other providers don’t care if you actually learn: they just collect another month’s access fee. We have clear start and finish dates and a study plan for you to really learn and achieve your training goals.

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Follow-up with students

Afraid of not having the time or the willpower to keep up with the on-line training? We keep an eye on you during the course, and if we detect that you’re falling behind or missing deadlines, we’ll notify you and push you forward to help you achieve your goals.

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Downloadable material

In CampusMVP’s training courses you will be able to download and keep all the theory explanations and all the sample code (in searchable, printable PDFs) so that you have
them after the training finishes. That way, you can review it even months later to look up concepts and tips.
With other providers, if you stop paying the monthly fee you lose access to the content or you need to pay extra just to download the sample code.

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Your own company look & feel

If you want to train your team with campusMVP, we can offer—at no extra charge—a
customized portal to the courses with your company’s look & feel and logos. Your staff will feel at home and you’ll reinforce the value of belonging to a company that trains them on the latest technologies.

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Supervisor accounts for HR or Team Leaders

You’ll absolutely want to keep an eye on your investment. If you train your team with campusMVP you can have supervisor accounts for your HR
managers or team leaders that will allow them to monitor each students’ progress, export data to Excel, and see if they’re really taking advantage of the course, and more…

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Real people to support you

Do you have a doubt, a problem or any other concern about the training you’ve just purchased? Have you ever tried to talk to a real person in one of those video-training sites? Normally they don’t even have a “Contact Us” section
in the website, just a forum or a “Uservoice” form to give them feedback.
In contrast, you can contact CampusMVP staff by mail, phone, live chat on the website or through social networks and we guarantee that you will get a reply from us immediately or,
at most, within 24 hours.

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Trainers and authors

Expert developers, MVPs and MCTs design and tutor our courses. Students get one-to-one tutoring support on-demand.

Our online courses are instructed by international experts to help you learn. Coaches are also course authors, providing you all the skills needed to succeed and
also to learn how to develop with the best practices while you are at it.

You can learn more about our tutors (remember, the same experts that have created the courses) at the About the author section heading in each of the course information pages found in our course catalog.

Teaching methodology

Our course methodology is very flexible. At campusMVP.net we offer high quality contents with a balanced mix of theory, practice videos, exercises and labs, supported by on-demand one-to-one tutoring.

We strongly believe the best way to learn how to develop applications is by developing. The following graph explains our methodology:

Lesson Methodology

You can read a detailed explanation here

Course catalog: developer online training

Our catalog offers specialized courses in software development technologies. Courses are grouped in the following categories:

  • .NET Development
  • Web Development
  • Data Access

Contact us if you want more information or if you have any questions or doubts. We’re happy to help you!

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