Incredibly simple real-time features
for your web apps

Easily add asynchronous data exchange between the server and the clients in real time. Your apps will never be the same!


An application that combines internet, asynchrony, and
multiple users cooperating and interacting at the same time always deserves a “wow!”.
Enter the amazing world of SignalR, a free Open Source library that you can use to add features like these to your own apps.

Throughout its pages, you’ll learn how to implement impressive features of this kind using SignalR. It first presents a brief review of the problems that arise when developing real-time multiuser applications and the HTTP protocol limitations to support these types of systems.

Next, the book introduces SignalR, describing its main features and the different abstraction levels which it allows above the underlying protocols. By implementing different real-world examples, you’ll understand its bases and receive insight into how to use this framework in your own projects.

Finally, you’ll learn how to host SignalR in any kind of web application (not tied to any specific technology) and how to consume its real-time services from practically any type of system (including desktop apps).

Your apps will never be the same!

Sorry, this e-book is no longer available.

However you can purchase the new outstanding SignalR book written by JM Aguilar.


Purchase from: myPEARSONstore,, Barnes & Noble or Independent booksellers.

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JM Aguilar

The Author

JM Aguilar

Jose M. Aguilar (ASP.NET MVP)currently works as an independent consultant and developer, helping companies and institutions reach their goals using software. He also works with company developer teams providing consultancy services and support in several fields. You can follow him on Twitter.