Come on board. Become a trainer.

Come on board. Become a course trainer.

Benefits for instructors

Do the same things you normally do in your blog, forums, events…, but making money while you’re at it. ;-)

  • Extra income in your free time
  • Higher recognition
    • Show your expertise through a premium course
    • We’ll highlight your expertise and promote your courses
    • Broaden your chances of reaching more people

We take care of the boring stuff. You get all the fun. We do the office work, marketing and sales, content review, LMS course integration, course webpage management, hardware infrastructure…

What do you have to do?

  • Create course contents
    • Only 15-30 days of work and up 2 years of validity
    • HTML theory, practical videos, samples, links…
    • Assessments
  • Meet previously agreed deadlines
  • Answer student questions
    • Little dedication needed
    • Perform your teaching duties at your convenience
    • Only questions relative to course contents (no consulting)

Do you want to design a course?

If you have always wanted to design a course on a specific development technology, you’ve come to the right place!

We´ll work with you side by side, sharing insights and knowledge to achieve the best results.

We are open to study any possibility. Get in touch with us using the form on the side if you want more information on our content design guidelines and further information on instructor benefits and how we work.

Join us and share your knowledge!

If you want to join our campusMVP team as a course author and instructor or simply learn more about our program, please get in touch by submitting the form on this page.

Thanks for sharing!