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The other day we received a series of questions from one of our students before he decided to purchase the 70-513 TS course. We suppose many of you have may have the same doubts so we have decided to post this article. Anyway, before you purchase a campusMVP course we recommend you read carefully all the Sales and Microsoft Certification FAQS published on our website.

Well here, in Italic,  are the questions our student asked us before making up his mind. These are the answers one of our staff members gave the student. We hope you find them useful as well.

  1. How many weeks will my exam be re-activated for if I fail? 

The first thing I have to make sure is that you understand that the official Microsoft exam fees are not included in our course fees.  In the course we provide a self-evaluation exam so you can decide if you are ready or not to take the official Microsoft certification test. Passing such exam enables you to download the campusMVP.Net course achievement diploma, but that won’t grant you Microsoft’s certification automatically. To take the test you have to go to and purchase an exam voucher. Then you have to go to your closest Microsoft official test center and pass it in order to obtain your Microsoft Certification.

The self-evaluation exam can be reset by the course instructor if you fail it. You just have to send him a message through the platform’s messaging system and he’ll reactivate it for you.

Besides this, the 70-511 TS course and the 70-515 TS course includes the MeasureUP sim test access for six months. It’s a practice test which provides more than 100 similar questions to those that you will find in your official Microsoft certification exam. They will help you practice and learn. We recommend you start practicing with such tests once you have covered 50 or 60% of the course content. The tests included in our certification exam preparation courses allow you access during 6 months so that you have enough time to prepare for the official Microsoft certification exam. The 70-513 TS course doesn’t include this exam.

  1. How many times can I re-activate after failing?

Under normal conditions you won’t fail, and if you do it’ll only be once or so. Following the course’s methodology I find it very difficult to fail.

  1. Can I get a DVD to keep instead of  the PDF download?

Sorry but we don’t offer our contents in DVD. Once you pass the course’s final evaluation exam you can download the course contents in PDF, not the vids though. We simply don’t offer our services that way. I hope you understand…

  1. How confident do you guys feel about your material if you work the recommended hours that a person will pass the exam?

We have been in the business since 2005 with our Spanish course catalog. I don’t know the exact number, but we have offered the 70-536, 70-516, 70-515 and even the older cert courses and we have had hundreds of students. Only one failed the official Microsoft test, the rest passed the test on their first attempt. The guy that failed, did it again and passed on his second attempt.

  1. Do you have a timeline or calendar just like you have for the 70-511 class.  It seems really helpful to make sure you are on track for the class?

We did that for the 70-511 TS because it is a bit longer course than the 70-513 TS. It’s just a way to help students. The 70-513 TS can be done in 9-10 weeks without a sweat.

  1. What if I don’t finish the class within 12 weeks?

Make sure you plan your time efficiently, if you spend 10 hours a week on the course you will probably finish it way before the 3 months have expired.

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