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ASP.NET/IIS MVP since 2004. MsC Mechanical engineering and business consultant specialist, he has written several books and hundreds of articles on computer science and engineering in specialized press such as PC World, Windows Magazine, dotNetMania... JM is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

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New unified ASP.NET application projects in Visual Studio 2013

First of all, a little history to help us understand the reason for this post. When ASP.NET was born almost 15 years ago, ASP.NET Web Forms was all there was. This new development paradigm meant to bring web development closer to desktop programmers, allowing them to drag and drop controls, control events at the server […]

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DEVELOPERS’ FAILS #7: Not considering security seriously

Let’s continue with our series dedicated to the typical mistakes we programmers tend to make. And this makes 7! This time we are going to focus on something that is extremely important yet sometimes neglected: security in its broadest sense. Mistake #7: Failing to consider security seriously Many developers stick in excess to the technical specifications […]

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DEVELOPERS’ FAILS #6: Optimizing prematurely

It seems like yesterday, yet this article makes half a year calling attention to typical mistakes programmers make when they work with their code. This month’s common mistake is a vice that many programmers develop over the years, since only the experienced make it: Mistake #6: Optimizing prematurely The most common expression for optimizing too soon is “Premature […]

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How to debug the Application_End event in ASP.NET

The Application_End event is thrown in a web application when it terminates for any reason, even to restart. We write a manager for this event inside the Global.asax, where we include any code that will monitor that any global resource that we may have initialized in the complementary event thrown when the application starts (Application_Start) […]

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SQL Server Instances: What are they and what are they used for?

When you install SQL Server, you are asked to provide a name for the instance you are installing. And when you connect from an application or with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you also connect to a particular instance of SQL Server. It is something so common that we are all familiar with it, but… […]

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DEVELOPERS’ FAILS #5: Not using structured exception handling

This time we’re going to point out a typical FAIL which is more common among veteran developers who come from the world of C programming of the ’90s. Nevertheless, other developers are not immune to it. Developers’ mistake #5: Failing to use structured exception handling Traditionally, various techniques have been employed to report that something has gone […]

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SQL Server: Automatic emailing of query results

Today I had to set up a basic system to periodically send a series of data to some users, in CSV format. The data are obtained from a more or less complex query to an SQL Server database. I needed the results of that query to be sent to a user by email once a […]

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Live Tiles for web applications in Windows 8

Windows 8 represents a radical change in the world of Windows in terms of user interfaces. The classic start menu that had been with us for over 17 years (since Windows 95) has been completely eliminated, and now everything revolves around the new Start page: As is usual when Microsoft launches something new, and especially […]

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DEVELOPERS’ FAILS #4: Not validating data entry fields

Today on this series on typical mistakes made by developers, I’m going to talk about something that’s much more commonplace than we think: Developers’ mistake #4: Failing to validate data entry fields A very common issue among programmers is that they are incapable of imagining different situations to the ones they have considered in their […]

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How to install Windows 8.1 Preview in VirtualBox

You have just downloaded the recent preview of the new Windows 8.1 (a.k.a. Windows Blue). Since it’s a pre-beta product you don’t want to install it in your real hardware (tablet, job computer…) and you decide to go virtual and install it as a guest operating system in Virtualbox. So far, so good… The problem […]

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