70-511 TS exam training course outline

Why prepare Microsoft’s 70-511 TS exam with campusMVP.Net?

Windows Presentation Foundation is Microsoft’s most important technology when it comes to creating up-to date desktop applications. With Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4, WPF has reached very high levels of productivity, which will be improved in Windows 8 and the .NET Framework 4.5.

Developers should no longer spend time developing in Windows Forms, besides for application maintenance. Now Microsoft developers should seriously consider moving to Windows Presentation Foundation because this is what the world is asking for nowadays.

Not limited to this, WPF introduces news way of designing user interfaces, which is also common to Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Phone. This makes it easier to get to know other technologies once you learn WPF and, therefore,  this enables you to improve your business. All the study and training resources are 100% campusMVP.Net original. Our experts create new course contents from scratch. It includes theory, practice videos, code examples, exam simulation and continuous MVP/MCT trainer support to help you progress and answer all your doubts.

This campusMVP.Net course explains WPF in a way that is simple and effective, preparing you not only to the certification exams but also to build real-world applications with tips from the experts.

Both if you want to prepare the exam or if you need to learn new skills for work reasons, when you finish this training you’ll be able to:

  • Know the ins and outs of XAML for creating advanced user interfaces
  • Reuse parts of the UI for rapid application development and maintenance
  • Debug your applications effectively
  • Create powerful business applications by leveraging the data-binding engine
  • Embed media contents, graphics, and animations to make the UI more appealing
  • Manage reusable resources across multiple applications
  • Deploy your applications to your user’s desktops

70-511 TS exam training course syllabus

The content consists of six thorough modules:

  1. Introducing WPF with Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0
  2. Building a User Interface with Basic Techniques
  3. Enhancing a User Interface
  4. Data Binding
  5. Enhancing functionality and Usability of Solutions
  6. Stabilizing and Releasing a Solution

The contents have been created from a practical point of view. You will find explanatory videos as well as code samples at the end of each module to reaffirm what has been learned. The source code for the examples is available for downloading. Throughout the duration of the course you will have one of the leading experts within this field at your disposition to ask him questions or concerns.

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Alessandro del Sole

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He is a frequent contributor to the Visual Basic Developer Center on MSDN and also regularly speaks at technical events on Microsoft technologies. He’s the author of two English books about programming and many technical articles, webcasts and instructional videos. He has written several well known free developer tools. Learn more about Alessandro del Sole.


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